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In its marketing, DMK is focusing on strong emotions – that’s how people come to identify with a product

Love and a sense of home and belonging are at the heart of the television commercials for MILRAM cheese. Why is that?

The reason is that successful brands inspire their fans, particularly on an emotional level. Our consumers from all over Germany have told us that MILRAM’s connection to northern Germany and the local way of life there is relevant, and make the brand more appealing. In MILRAM’s latest television commercial, we show friends relaxing together in a place that is clearly northern Germany, a situation the target group is highly likely to identify with.

Why is it so important to give a brand an identity?

Because if a brand has an identity, attitude and position, that allows the target group to consciously decide to identify with it, or against it. How else are consumers to decide, in a saturated market with plenty of products in the same price level, if not by identifying with a product?

Nicole Peiler, Head of Marketing Brand Retail

Marketing goes beyond television advertising. Why does DMK also work with influencers?

Influencers who fit well with MILRAM, and who are chosen because the target group is likely to identify with them, are a smart and credible way to reach consumers as a brand and enter their everyday lives. While the reach of this approach – focusing on individuals – might be limited, the effect is more powerful than using classic mass media.

How important is social media to DMK?

Social media is an integral part of our communications strategy, and not only to reach young people. Through social media, we can reach very specific target groups according to their demographic data, interests and behavior. That way, we can make our advertising more successful.

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