Uniekaas: Streamlining the campaign with a new commercial

Focus on consumer needs during the crisis
Bremen, 29 October 2020.
Uniekaas has stood for genuine Dutch Gouda for more than 50 years. The Dutch brand of the DMK Group is stepping up its campaign launched in May 2020 with a new commercial. The focus is on a product format in harmony with consumer needs in times of corona.

As Holland's oldest Gouda brand, Uniekaas stands for a rich range of ideas coupled with traditional excellence. This remains true amid the current crisis. With its latest commercial, the traditional brand deftly continues the communication campaign it launched in May. “We’re concentrating on boosting brand awareness at the moment – also via new communication channels,” explains Corrien Bakker, Marketing Manager Uniekaas. “To this end, we’ve significantly increased the number of touch points consumers have with our brand, with the aim of helping them in their purchase decisions while getting to know them better than ever before.”

The commercial developed with Serviceplan underpins this approach in the public service broadcasters in the Netherlands (NPO1, NPO2, NPO3). It focuses on a unique product format that addresses consumer wishes in times of Corona. “We’ve noticed that demand for chunks of cheese has risen sharply in the Netherlands in recent months. That's why we intend to use the commercial to refocus more on cheese in chunks,” declares Corrien Bakker. “This shift is influenced by the fact that lots of people are currently working in a home office and spending more time in their house or flat – and they’re eating more food there too”. Coupled with this, larger packaging formats also offer price advantages.” In line with this trend, the new advertising film focuses on emotions at the kitchen table. It is about the Dutch and their love of cheese. The camera captures the everyday moment of cutting cheese – a simple domestic act and yet something special. True to the motto: “Doing it yourself makes it taste a whole lot better”.

At the same time, Uniekaas utilises digital technology to attract attention. Special display advertising and advertising aimed at social media has been developed to this end. A pertinent example: if customers with mobile phones come near to a point of sale, they will be able to see the Uniekaas products available there thanks to an advertising film played on their mobile phones.